5 stages of Raw Fun!
Every Wednesday

There is a practice match held every Wednesday and Thursday nights–weather permitting. Register for matches on  by clicking here. Registering beforehand will make things smoother for the staff and you will also receive emailed weather cancellations notices if applicable. Hammer Down is at 6:30 pm.

New (or first-time) shooters must arrive by 6 pm for a New Shooter’s Orientation. TTS staff will review stage designs, the range commands, safety topics, and other issues that you’ll confront in the weekly match. The cost is $5 to the club and range fees to be paid in the office of Thunder Gun Range.

This is where we practice the basic skills required to safely and accurately shoot defensive handguns. We do this by breaking into 8-10 person “squads” and shooting five separate stages (shooting scenarios). Each stage requires 12-32 rounds and may include the need to reload, shooting around barricades, shooting with one hand, and other skills that challenge the shooter. It’s also a lot of fun!

IDPA Practice Matches are held on the first and second Wednesdays and the first and second Thursdays of each month. Click here for IDPA’s website.


USPSA Practice Matches are held on the third and forth Wednesdays and the third and forth Thursdays of each month. Click here for USPSA’s website.